Best Innovative Startups in India

Entrepreneurship is a boat in which every entrepreneur wants to go more and more ahead on the path of growth. Every entrepreneur makes strategies, plans, ideas to do better and that is how innovation takes birth. Some of them convert that idea into a proper business model and start monetizing that. And that’s how a startup comes. The startup ecosystem in India is going disruptive nowadays. Entrepreneurs are coming up with new innovative ideas, we can learn a lot from these startups. So, let’s talk about the best of these innovative startups in India.

Best innovative startups in India

  1. Aloe E-Cell

Aloe E-Cell produces ordinary electric cells from a very extraordinary source. They produce electric cells from Aloe Vera. This innovative startup is also awarded the National Startup Award 2020.

Alloe E-Cell Best Innovative startups in India

Started In: 2018

Co-Founders : Nimisha Varma & Naveen Suman

CEO: Nimisha Varma 

Product: Electric Cell

  1. Cowrks 

Cowrks came with a very disruptive idea in 2016. It gives fully furnished office space on rent to different organizations and freelancers under a single roof. It was almost a boon to entrepreneurs who just started a startup because they do not have that many funds are beginning to have their own office space.

cowrks Best startups in India

Started In: 2016

Founder:  Sidharth Menda

CEO:  Abhishek Goenka

Service:  Co-Working Space 

  1. MyGate

MyGate was founded in 2016 by Vijay Arisetty, Abhishek Kumar & Shreyans Daga. It is an app-based company that has digitized the work of a watchman. This app records all the information of check-ins and also if someone unknown comes and asks the gatekeeper to go inside to meet someone, this app will send you a notification to ask for permission.

MyGate- Best Innovative startups in India

Started In: 2016

Co-Founder:  Vijay Arisetty, Abhishek Kumar & Shreyans Daga

CEO:  Vijay Arisetty

Service:  Checkin Record App

  1. Fasal

Fasal was founded in 2018 by Ananda Verma. They provide AI solutions to grow crops. They provide a machine that checks, forecasts, and notifies the need for water, fertilizer, manure, etc by the real-time condition of soil and weather. This reduces the guesswork in agriculture. This innovative startup is creating value for ‘annadata’. This startup is also awarded the National Startup Award 2020.

Fasal- Best  startups in India

Started In: 2018

Co-Founder:  Ananda Verma

CEO:  Ananda Verma

Product:  Agriculture Machinery 

  1.  Kaarva

Kaarva was founded in 2018 by Khushboo Maheshwari. They provide short-term loans for regular income workers at 0% interest. The individual can get a loan up to 30% of his monthly income [Maximum ₹10000]. He has to pay it back within the due date which is the upcoming salary date by default. Otherwise, a late fee of ₹5/₹1000 is charged with a base late fee of ₹100.

Kaarva- Best Innovative startups in India

Started In: 2018

Founder:  Khushboo Maheshwari

CEO:  Khushboo Maheshwari

Service:  Short term loans

  1. GetVantage

GetVantage was founded in 2019 by Bhavik Vasa & Amit Shrivastava. This startup came with a revolutionary idea. They invest in other businesses and do not ask for shares in that company. What they want from that is they just ask for a fraction of the future revenue of that business/firm.


Started In: 2019

Co-Founder:  Bhavik Vasa & Amit Shrivastava

CEO:  Bhavik Vasa

Service:  Funding

  1. FabHeads

FabHeads was founded in 2015 by Dhinsh Kanagaraj. This startup manufactures composites parts. It is their specialty and they are making it more special, reliable, and cost-effective with the use of 3D printing. It is the first company in Asia to have in-house developed fiber 3D printing capabilities.


Started In: 2015

Founder:  Dhinesh Kanagaraj

CEO:  Dhinesh Kanagaraj

Product:  Composites Parts

  1. TaralTec

TaralTec was founded in 2017 by Anjan Mukharjee. This startup manufactures a very interesting water purifier that does not need electricity or any other energy to work. This water purifier is to directly install in a hand pump or water pipeline there’s where it performs its work.


Started In: 2017

Founder :  Anjan Mukherjee

CEO:  Anjan Mukherjee

Product: Water Purifier

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